Astrology Chart

Birth Charts

The natal chart, or birth chart is what most people mean when they say “astrology chart.” The chart is divided into the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each chart will be totally unique since it is based on birth time and location. So two people born at exactly the same moment in time are going […]

Horoscope Signs Explained

Learn Astrology, Signs

Most people know their sun sign. They read the quickie horoscope in the paper and that’s it. There’s so much more to the stars and how they help to guide and influence. It can be pretty confusing and there are some easy ways to begin to understand this ancient art. Of course, begin with the […]

Psychic Reading — Is It Right for You?

Psychics and Psychic Readings

The first psychic reading I ever got was over the phone. I was just out of college, broke, unhappy with my job, single with no dating prospects on the horizon…. I was a mess and a friend suggested that I call a psychic. It was amazing. It’s like she knew right away what was going […]