The Misbegotten Moon

Black Moon Lilith is an astrological term used to describe the lunar apogee. She is also an elusive point of intersection, the second focus along the moon’s orbital ellipse. She is not afraid to reach for that place in the night sky where the moon is farthest from the Earth. On your astrological chart, she summons an intense feminine energy for both men and women.

We want to honor the strength and independence inherent in the Lilith story.

She embodies strength, independence, sensuality and connection to Mother Earth. If you’ve ever said “No thanks,” or bucked the system, or zigged when everyone else zagged, Black Moon Lilith has been whispering in your ear. Embrace your rebellion.

What is Black Moon Lilith?

Our Moon, the silver orb that lights our way each night, moves around us in a somewhat irregular elliptical pattern.  As you might remember from geometry, an ellipse’s major axis has two focal points, one on either side of the halfway mark.  If you were to add the distances from any point of the ellipse to those two points, the sum will always be equal to the ellipse’s diameter. In thinking about the journey taken by the moon, we can think of the Earth as focal point one. The other focal point, elusive and hidden, is a hypothetical “other” moon, an invisible lunar body named Lilith by the astrologer Sepharial in 1918. She’s been called Dark Moon, Black Moon, and sometimes just Lilith, and the idea of her existence as a primal, shadowy counterpart to our faithful and shiny moon has captured the imagination of astrologers and artists long after theories of a physical second moon have been discredited. In fact, her symbolic, untouchable nature seems to be bolstered by the lack of tangible evidence of her existence. Lilith rebels. She doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone.

Moons, Trines, and Horoscope Signs

How does the black moon affect us as a species or as individuals? Just as with any astrological body or symbol, we can look to our birth charts to ascertain our personal connection to it. This website explores the symbolism of the Lilith myth, the placement of Black Moon Lilith in our natal charts, transiting Lilith and her influence on our daily lives, and seeks to understand our fascination with this powerful but intangible satellite. In the course of this exploration, we also encounter elements of basic astrology, learn the astrology chart, and theorize how the Jewish legend of Lilith as Adam’s first wife incorporates into the zodiacal interpretation of our own existence.

Welcome to the apogee, friends.