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Not everyone that I read for wants to know about love, but I’d say that it is a common theme in my readings. Even for people in a relationship, they want to know if this is the One True Love, if it is going to last, if he cheated, if she’s true….. I think love […]

Online Tarot

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I was reluctant to try out online tarot readings. I guess I’m a young old-fashioned kinda girl. I was taught tarot face to face and that’s how I like to do the readings; face to face. It’s the method I still prefer, when it can be arranged. There is something about sitting down together. The […]

You Want to Learn Tarot?

Learn Tarot

It’s my Sagittarian nature to be a student of life. That’s what draws me to astrology and tarot — I get to look inside myself and others. Whenever I do readings for people, I use the reading as an opportunity to teach them something about tarot. So many people seem to want to learn tarot. […]