Not everyone that I read for wants to know about love, but I’d say that it is a common theme in my readings. Even for people in a relationship, they want to know if this is the One True Love, if it is going to last, if he cheated, if she’s true…..
I think love tarot is so popular because in love we give our hearts away to another and it is completely on trust. We have faith that we are beloved. We trust when we’re told we are loved. And when that trust needs a boost shot, or a reality check, that’s where a love tarot reading comes in.

I love tarot readings where I don’t know the situation. It helps me with my confidence as a reader (yes, after all this time, I still like to have the positive reinforcement that I’m connected to Source) and I can bring everything to the table without being tempted to spin it a certain way for a friend. So I love reading tarot for strangers.

Not long ago I had a chance to read for a young woman. I was at a small dinner party and I always bring my cards. It gives me something to do because I’m horrible at parties and people who don’t know anything about tarot are fascinated. I think of it as my goodwill ambassador work. People who would not otherwise go to a tarot reader will happily have free tarot love readings! Why not, right? Nothing to lose.

This particular young lady (she was maybe 8 years younger than me, but seemed even younger) had just graduated from college and she and her boyfriend had decided to get married. He wasn’t at the dinner. She was there as the friend of a friend, if you know what I mean. So it was perfect: I don’t know her; I haven’t met him. Let’s see how I do with this one!

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you, according to her, I did really well. I usually downplay my abilities in these sorts of situations. I mean it’s free love tarot. She didn’t seek spiritual guidance from me and she might not even believe. So I laid out the cards — the four crown spread I love so much. I didn’t have my camera, so no pictures of this reading, but what I remember is that money and travel were all over the reading. I mean all over it. Ace of Disks and everything! As I talked with her about what I was seeing in the cards, she nodded vigorously. Yes, her fiance was well off and he’d done it himself, working hard all through high school and college so that he came out of college with no student loans and a hefty saving account. Yes, she and her fiance both studied water engineering in school and in a few months would leave for India to work on a project there.

I tried to hide my delight in how well the cards had revealed this information. Or, better put how well I’d done in interpreting the message of the cards. When someone asks about love, you can never know how well you’ll understand and how well the cards will present such a thorny subject. The main keys, in my opinion, are to look for court cards and money cards. Those are thing that can derail a relationship quicker than anything: family/friends and money. So if you see a lot of court cards, it means that everyone is all up in this relationship, offering advice or warnings. And the money piece, well money is a major cause of divorce. If you and your sweetie do not see eye to eye on financial matters, there is not much hope for a long term relationship.