I was reluctant to try out online tarot readings. I guess I’m a young old-fashioned kinda girl. I was taught tarot face to face and that’s how I like to do the readings; face to face. It’s the method I still prefer, when it can be arranged. There is something about sitting down together. The person shuffling the cards and musing about their question. And then being able to lay out the cards, one by one. It’s an unfolding that never gets old. I enjoy analyzing the cards and picking up the querent’s vibe. It’s all over the card and it’s all around me as I look at the cards. You can’t get any of that online.

I talked earlier about learning tarot. And about the different tarot card spreads. The online tarot sites do a very good job (the big ones anyway) of offering their customers several choices in spreads. In general you’ll find all the standard spreads, like the Celtic Cross and more unusual . Most also allow you to pick a deck to use. There are now probably thousands of tarot decks, but the ones to choose from online tend to stay with the classics — Rider-Waite, Crowley, Celtic…..

So take a look around; there are several well-known tarot sites. I won’t name any because we’re not about endorsing any one business in particular. As with any psychic adventure, we suggest getting your feet wet with the psychic first. Don’t spend a ton of money and then be disappointed. Many online tarot sites offer a free reading to begin.

My very first online reading was startlingly accurate and I’ve been a fan ever since. Now when I’m feeling a need for guidance, it is nice to know that I can find some with just a click of the mouse.