2010: The Big Picture

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Here on the first day of 2010, let’s talk about a major event on the horizon. First, here’s a little background on transits. I was taught to first look at the outer planet (slower-moving) transits and cycles in order to get an overview. Later we look at the inner planet cycles and transits. This made […]

Astrology Chart

Birth Charts

The natal chart, or birth chart is what most people mean when they say “astrology chart.” The chart is divided into the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each chart will be totally unique since it is based on birth time and location. So two people born at exactly the same moment in time are going […]

Horoscope Signs Explained

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Most people know their sun sign. They read the quickie horoscope in the paper and that’s it. There’s so much more to the stars and how they help to guide and influence. It can be pretty confusing and there are some easy ways to begin to understand this ancient art. Of course, begin with the […]

The Misbegotten Moon

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Black Moon Lilith is an astrological term used to describe the lunar apogee. She is also an elusive point of intersection, the second focus along the moon’s orbital ellipse. She is not afraid to reach for that place in the night sky where the moon is farthest from the Earth. On your astrological chart, she […]