Tips to Ensure the Best Psychic Reading

Psychics and Psychic Readings

If you’re thinking about having a psychic reading, of course you want it to be an accurate psychic reading. There are a few ways to ensure that you get the most for your money. First do a little research before you make an appointment with a psychic. Not all psychics are created equally. And in […]

Online Tarot

Learn Tarot, Psychics and Psychic Readings

I was reluctant to try out online tarot readings. I guess I’m a young old-fashioned kinda girl. I was taught tarot face to face and that’s how I like to do the readings; face to face. It’s the method I still prefer, when it can be arranged. There is something about sitting down together. The […]

Angel Tattoos

Psychics and Psychic Readings

Willow and I got to talking the other day about angels. A friend had stopped by to show off her angel tattoo. Well, as you can see — angel wings. After she left, I said that growing up Catholic had given me a different perspective on angels than our peers. I had to explain a […]

You Want to Learn Tarot?

Learn Tarot

It’s my Sagittarian nature to be a student of life. That’s what draws me to astrology and tarot — I get to look inside myself and others. Whenever I do readings for people, I use the reading as an opportunity to teach them something about tarot. So many people seem to want to learn tarot. […]

Psychic Reading — Is It Right for You?

Psychics and Psychic Readings

The first psychic reading I ever got was over the phone. I was just out of college, broke, unhappy with my job, single with no dating prospects on the horizon…. I was a mess and a friend suggested that I call a psychic. It was amazing. It’s like she knew right away what was going […]